Picture of James Edmund ColemanJames Edmund Coleman, M.D. (known by everyone then in the community as “Dr. J.E.”) established his medical practice in the late 1800’s on the West Side of the square in Canton at 24 North Main Street. His son, Everett Porter Coleman photo(“Dr. E.P.”), also became a physician/surgeon, and following the end of World War I, joined his father in practice. The office was expanded to 24-26 North Main Street. Harry G. Hirschle, M.D. and David A. Bennett, M.D. joined them.

The primary purpose for this group was to provide high quality service to its patients. This office was the first in the community to have x-ray and laboratory facilities. In fact, nurses in training at Graham Hospital received their x-ray and laboratory training at the Clinic. Classes were held at night.

Picture of Dr. E.P. ColemnIn 1937, following the deaths of Dr. J.E. and Dr. Hirschle, Dr. E.P. established “The Coleman Clinic”. The original physicians associated with Dr. Coleman were David A. Bennett, M.D. and Paul D. Reinertsen, M.D. Dr. Herman M. Schwerer joined with them a short time later. As other physicians joined the staff, the office expanded to 24-28 North Main Street.

The present facility at 175 South Main Street was constructed in 1969, doubled in 1979, and expanded again in 2000. Satellite clinics have also been established in Farmington and Lewistown.

Dr. Coleman believed that the highest level of medical/surgical care could be provided efficiently and economically by team effort. He believed in continuing education and was active in many medical/surgical societies. He was a member of the Founder’s Group of the American Board of Surgery and of the Illinois Surgical Society.

Coleman Clinic, Ltd. merged with Graham Hospital Association in 1999. Graham Hospital then established Graham Services Corporation, a not-for-profit foundation established for the primary purpose and principals of the original Coleman Clinic, the cornerstone of which is high quality service to its patients.

The Clinic continues to maintain high ethical standards. As in the past, the Clinic is committed to providing quality medical/surgical services to all members of the community, regardless of circumstances. With a mission of “Quality Care for All,” the goal of the physicians and support staff is to provide these quality services in the most efficient and compassionate manner.