Graham Health System Biomedical Lab


Graham Health System donated $25,000 to the Canton Union School District #66 to renovate two high school science classrooms.  The new classrooms will house the following courses: Principles of Biomedical Science, Biology, Biology 11, and Human Body Systems.  This donation to Canton High School is evidence that Graham Health System is committed and dedicated to ensuring the success of students in our community.  The total cost of the project including classroom renovation, furniture, equipment, and storage was nearly $200,000.   The classroom was officially named, "Graham Health System Biomedical Lab."  Please see below for some of the specific renovations that were completed: 

-      Asbestos removal

-      Drop ceiling

 -      New LED (dimmable) lighting

-      Retractable outlets/chargers

-      New floor tile

-      Several new electrical outlets along walls

-      Storage room

-      Walls painted

-      Doors refinished/stained

-      Project storage (cubby holes)

-      Cabinets along back wall

-      Furniture (new adjustable height tables with surface for chemicals – but not traditional lab tables, rolling lab stools, small tables w/ same surface on classroom side, fidget chairs)

-      Demo desk 

-      Extra sink

-      Shower/eye wash station

-      Floor to ceiling white boards on 3 walls

-      2 glass dry erase boards

-      75" tv in each room

-      iPad and apple pencil for presentations

-      Lighted Graham Health System Biomedical Lab sign in hallway

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