Graham Health System is working with Commerce Bank to offer our patients a Line of Credit with a 12, 36, or 60 month 0% interest repayment term.  Our patients/guarantors may finance outstanding balances at Graham Hospital with a Line of Credit. This allows multiple visits or services at Graham Health System to be combined into one account. 

How does Health Services Financing work? 

The Graham Health System Patient Financial Advocates are available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday to assist our patients with inquiries.

  • There is no set-up fee or penalty for paying off early.
  • The patient receives a monthly bill from Commerce.
  • Patients are given a monthly payment based on the outstanding balance due and a predetermined loan term.

­­­­­­­How do the loans work, how do patients/guarantors qualify for a bank loan?

  • Initially, patients must have an outstanding balance of $250 or more to qualify for a line of credit.  
  • Subsequent transactions do not require a minimum balance.
  • All patients are approved; there are no credit checks. 
  • Patients are provided with a fixed monthly payment for 12, 24, or 36 months depending on the balance.

How much does the loan cost the patient?

The loans are provided to the patients/guarantors at no cost. Graham Health System offers a 0% Annual Percentage Rate loan regardless of the balance or term of the loan.    

What happens if the patient does not wish to obtain a 0% interest loan and they cannot pay their bill?

Graham Health System offers patients/guarantors the opportunity to set up monthly payments with the balance due at the end of 120 days.

How do I inquire about the 0% interest loans? 

Graham Health System has four Patient Financial Advocates who are able to assist any patients with questions or if they are unable to pay their GHS medical bills. The Financial Advocates can be reached by calling

  • Molly – Located in Patient Access at GH – 309-647-5240 extension 2544
  • Carol – Located on the 2nd floor of GMG – 309-647-5240 extension 7505
  • Becky  - Located on the 2nd floor of GMG – 309-647-5240 extension 7202
  • Sandy – Located in the EP Coleman building – 309-647-5240 extension 2213